CA Tips (Zap Brand)
CA Tips (Zap Brand) CA Tips (Zap Brand) CA Tips (Zap Brand)
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PT-18 Z-Ends

  • Z-Ends (10 Extender Tips & 12" of Micro Tubing)
  • 10 extender tips
  • 12" micro dropper tubing
  • Works with all sizes of Zap bottles 

PT-21 Flexi Tips

  • Flexi-Tips - packed 24 per package
  • Allows for smaller drops
  • Precision application
  • Extension into hard-to-reach places
  • Fits most brands of CA bottles

Into, under, around, or through, Z-ENDS extend the length of ZAP bottle nozzles for getting into hard-to-reach areas. Use Z-ENDS for more precise control of glue placement and glue amount. Since Z-ENDS are replaceable, a clogged or damaged glue tip doesn’t mean tossing out that bottle and wasting glue. The Micro-Dropper tubing is used to deposit very small amounts of glue to the smallest of areas. The tubing fits into the open end of either the standard bottle or Z-END. The tubing comes standard at 12 inches long but can be cut as needed to suit your needs.

Helpful Hints:
Z-ENDS fit over the standard bottle ends of all ZAP glues. The tips of Z-ENDS can be cut back to deposit larger amounts of glue. Sometimes glue can build up on the outside of a Z-END, let it harden and it will pop right off leaving a clean open tip. When using the Micro-Dropper tubing let the glue wick down through to the tube end, then gently squeeze the bottle to deliver a small drop of glue.