Zap offers a variety of specialty glues that will help to ensure adhering power to your specific application. 

Zap Goo

Strong Flexible adhesive/sealer. Bonds nearly anything and can be cut with a knife.  Terrific for all fix-it, mend-it, and seal-it jobs.  Good in high vibration applications as well.


Combines strength of Zap Gel with the qualities of rubber to offer this extremely strong and vibration resistant CA.  Excellent for bonding rubber to many surfaces. An Excellent Tire Glue.

Zap Canopy Glue

Works on wood, plastic, fiberglass, and more.  Dries Clear in 24 Hours.

Zap Plastic Model Cement

Quick setting, clear curing cement.  Bonds polystyrene plastic models.

Zap Threadlockers

Prevents the loosening of threaded hardware due to vibration.  Blue (Z-42) is a medium strength locker while Red (Z-71) is a permanent locker.  For use up to 1/4-20 threaded hardware. These are the BEST threadlockers available.


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