Drop for Drop, ZAP CA Glues (cyanoacrylates) Set Faster and Hold Longer Than Any Other Type of Adhesive.

Because they are so versatile, CAs are the most popular glues today.  They penetrate (wick) into microscopic crevices of the material's surface to create a permanent bond.  That is why Zap CA's work great on many materials including wood, plastic, metal and even glass.  Because there is no clamping, pinning or waiting for the glue to dry, Zap glue lets you finish a project or do a multi-step repair in a small fraction of the time it would take with conventional glues. 


Zaps Most versatile product! Bonds virtually anything including wood, veneers, rubber, leather and most plastics.  Zap-A-Gap even works on oily surfaces.  Even adheres harder woods such as oak and plywood.  Cures in 30 seconds or less.  Accelerate the cure with Zip Kicker! 


Super-thin penetrating formula.  Works great on most materials, especially balsa and other soft woods.  Excellent "wicking" action.  Strengthens fiberglass cloth.  Bonds in 1 to 5 seconds.  Cure time can be accelerated with Zip Kicker!


Thick and strong for high stress areas.  Works well on hardwoods such as maple and oak, will also bond glass, metals (non stress) and ceramics.  Allow 30 seconds for positioning and cures in 60 seconds or less.  Accelerate full cure time with Zip Kicker!


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